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This professional Society - the CSR was founded in June 1994 in Martinique, when MEDICARAIBE - the agents for GE Medical Systems invited several Radiologists from the Caribbean to witness the launching of the new GE Prospeed CT Scanner at the CHRU - Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire, in Fort-de-France, Martinique.

At that time, it was realised that there was no Organisation for Radiologists in the English speaking Caribbean in particular, and no one really knew how many Radiologists were present in the region.

The Founding Members then were:

  • Dr. 0.Khan - Trinidad - President
  • Dr. A.Fonteyne - Curacao - Netherlands Rep.
  • Dr. A.Ridarch - Martinique - French Representative
  • Dr. R. Ambrose - St. Vincent - Secretary
  • Dr. D. Durrant and Dr. G.DeCairies - Barbados
  • Dr. A. Alexis - Guadeloupe

The following year (1995) an attempt was made to host the meeting in Guadeloupe but this failed and the venue shifted to Martinique. This was poorly attended by only five Radiologists- Dr. 0. Khan, (T'dad) Dr. R. Ambrose (St. Vincent) Dr. A. Ridarch, & Dr. H. Azaloux (Martinique) and Dr. V. Louisy (St.Lucia) and no sponsorships were solicited then.

The Guest speaker was Professor H.J. Biersack of Germany, invited by Dr. 0. Khan of Trinidad. This was an embarrassment for the struggling Society and so MEDICARAIBE urgently agreed to bear the financial burden of the accommodations and other expenditure incurred by the exercise.

Later in 1995, the Secretary met with the Regional Supervisor of the pharmaceutical Company - SCHERING - (Mr. E. Dixon, Barbados) and described the plight of getting this Organisation started. He offered to submit a list of all the Radiologists who are seen by his SCHERING Representatives on regular sales detail throughout the region. Having provided this, the Secretary - Dr. Ambrose, was able to organise a Directory and write letters of invitation to everyone on that list to participate in the 1996 Congress.

Through Mr. Dixon, an appointment was arranged for the Secretary as Organising Chairperson to meet with Mr. Herbig - the Regional Manager of SCHERING - in Barbados, to negotiate sponsorship for the CSR for the next 3 consecutive years - 1996, 1997, and 1998, so that SCHERING would be the major financial for those Congresses.

In 1996 SCHERING sponsored 18 Radiologists to meet in Santo Domingo for the 3rd Annual Congress. There were 4 Scientific papers presented, and a Site visit to a Radiological Facility - operated by Dr. Jose' Miguel PALIZA who himself, was the Guest Speaker for this Congress. A social evening was provided. Certificates of Attendance were issued to participants.

In 1997 SCHERING again repeated its high level of sponsorship to host our 4th Annual Meeting in Havana, Cuba. Twenty -three (23) Radiologists were in attendance. At that time, 13 Scientific papers were presented and 6 unsponsored Radiologists also attended. The Business Session yielded an expanded Executive to include a Vice-President - Dr. K. Larry Carroll (Bahamas) and an Assistant Secretary - Dr. Joy Bogle-Taylor (Jamaica). Dr. 0.Khan (Trinidad) was retained as 'Ceremonial' President and Dr. Ambrose was retained as Secretary and Organising Chairperson. The Secretariat is basically located in St. Vincent as a result of all its activities having been done through and by the Secretary, who had developed the 'network' for the management of Society's business and to organise the Congresses.

In 1997 also, SIEMENS, through Mr. Peter Gailhofer (Venezuela) pledged some $8,000.USD as a contributor to the HAVAVA meeting and was himself in attendance there. Also, BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES of Miami provided minor sponsorship equivalent to one delegate's hotel accommodation.

For the 1998 meeting, the SCHERING Co. invited ATL to participate since apparently, there were a number of ATL Ultrasound systems in Jamaica. This meeting was originally intended to be in Curacao, but in order to capture a larger number of Radiologists, the meeting was taken to Jamaica where most of the English-speaking Radiologists are located; and so the meeting of 1998 was relocated to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

At this meeting, the Membership voted on the next venue. It is Puerto Rico. The new Executive (1998) now consists of :

President - Dr. K. Larry Carroll, Bahamas
Vice-President - Dr. Marcel Morel, Dominican Republic
Secretary & Organising Chairperson - Dr. Ros Ambrose, St.Vincent
Assistant Secretary - Dr. Joy Bogle-Taylor, Jamaica

There are 110 Radiologists listed with the CSR. At the conclusion of the 1998 meeting the active membership stood at forty-five (45). The CSR also has 3 Honorary Members.

At this time, multiple sponsors are being invited to participate, and as always, the CSR is prepared to work closely with them. The principle however, being, to maintain our pledge to keep these meetings within the Caribbean.

We are hoping to put at least into first gear, the vision of the Congresses of the next three years. So that for the Year 2000, the venue should be in a more southern locale- for example St. Vincent or Trinidad or Mexico or Honduras, and the year 2001 - the CSR will move to another northern location.

BUSINESS & FINANCING: The sponsor will usually finance a Guest Speaker to participate among the Memberships' presentation of papers. These have been very good in the past, and we believe that the Companies have the capability to source experts in the field of Imaging who can join us in our attempt to integrate ideas and work in this expanding area of medicine.

We are working towards developing a financial base so that by 2004, when we are 10 years old, we are 'financially able' to provide a major part of the sponsorships and become a strong policy contributor to events involving the Radiological sciences in the Region.

2. Announcements for the First Call of papers are usually sent out in November of the current year (i.e November 1998 for the June 1999 meeting) This is to solicit enrollment of new Radiologists, establish changes in address, etc, and to solicit papers for presentation. For the 1999 meeting, a recommendation was made to circulate the First Call September in order to generate even greater participation.

In January of the meeting year, the Second Notices will go out, particularly if something has changed, like the venue or something of that nature. In April, the FINAL Notices and call for ABSTRACTS will be circulated.

3. We are now listed in the International Exhibitors Association on Radiological Congresses - IEARC Congress List 1997 - 2008 which is published in the Hague and has a wide international  circulation.

4. The sponsor could fund and arrange the flights, the hotel selection and arrange suitable Academic Site Visit (ie. Hospital or clinic with one or two of Company show-pieces) and sponsor a social evening. There is usually some coordination and assistance from the Company's agents in the various countries. In Cuba, the University Hospital Department of Radiology was the academic site and the Social evening was a visit to the Tropicana Club. Most of the Show was rained-out, unfortunately.

5. The CSR will usually have 2 days of Sessions - Friday and Saturday. Thursday is the traveling day to the venue and Sunday is the returning day for all.

6. The major sponsor may choose to organise and provide all ground transportation for airport, City tour - if any- and site visit.

7. The Sponsors would contribute to the Conferences expenses - use of the conference room and ancillaries - microphone, slide projectors, etc; the coffee breaks and lunches. The Company may also finance the Guest Speaker.

8. The Sponsors could provide a Conference gift - e.g attache' cases , and promotional material, in a Conference package and a small momento for attending members. (pens, pointers, etc). This Conference Package will consists of writing materials, the updated Directory of Colleagues, the collection of Abstracts and the agendas for the scientific session and the Business meeting (which is usually held in the afternoon of the first day) are all usually provided by the CSR - prepared by the Secretary and Organising Chairperson.

The Business session allows for elections, and the Business of the CSR to be conducted. 

The CSR will provide the Certificates of Attendance. In the future, it is hoped that some academic links could be established with International bodies (American Colleges) to offer Academic Credit for these Scientific sessions, and we are looking forward to have our papers published in established Journals. Perhaps when the CSR is 10 years old, it would have our own professional journal.

The coordination of all the Congresses takes place between the Organising Chairperson & Secretary and the sponsors. The Executive would be happy to meet and discuss other strategies at a planning session to make any alternative arrangements, if need be.

Dr. R. E. Ambrose, Secretary/ Organising Chairperson, CSR

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